About Graham Davies

Making memorable images is my aim. Apprenticed to a photographer in Wales when I was 15, I’ve been taking pictures ever since for newspapers and magazines, commercial and private clients and for myself. For the press it was Madonna and Royals, riots and elections. For myself it’s trees and rocks, light and shadow, clouds and bodies.

In the 1990s I came to Canada and opened the Bald Photographer Gallery in Toronto. After six years I left the city and moved to Prince Edward County, a rural island 2 hours east of Toronto. The County is becoming well known for its artist community, vineyards and wineries – which is good news for me. I have converted a very old general store in the village of Cherry Valley into my home, studio and gallery where all are welcome.

I do shoot digital for commercial and colour work, but my personal, portrait and fine art images are shot on black and white film and hand printed, and I teach workshops in traditional photography.

Feel free to contact me any time.

Graham Davies

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